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Bloggers Chamber of Commerce wants to help small businesses to stay in business

Updated: May 11, 2023

Shopping together as a family can be an invaluable opportunity to form bonds, make memories, and strengthen relationships.

Families that venture out shopping together can discover new places, discover exciting things, and share knowledge and wisdom between generations. Parents can teach their children about budgeting, saving and making wise purchasing decisions; children can share their preferences, interests and opinions with their parents.

Shopping together can provide both social and educational benefits; in addition to its fun experience. Families can enjoy trying on clothes, sampling food and perusing various items together while taking breaks for snacks and meals during their outing. Making it all part of a memorable family outing!

Shopping together can be an excellent way for families to strengthen bonds and create life-long memories together.

Blogger's Chamber of Commerce Goal

Small businesses are an integral part of family life experiences and closeness, and we would like to keep it that way if not improve it further. Why wouldn't we?

Small local businesses are the backbone of communities and often face unique challenges in remaining profitable in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Here are a few ways you could assist:

1. Support local businesses directly: One effective way of helping local businesses is patronizing them directly. Strive to shop at local stores and dine at local restaurants whenever possible - doing this will keep these establishments operating and boost the local economy!

2. Spread the Word: Leverage social media and other channels to spread awareness of local businesses in your community. Share positive reviews, recommend shops and restaurants you love to friends and family members, and encourage everyone else to shop local!

3. Donate Your Time: Consider volunteering your time to local businesses in your community by helping with marketing or social media tasks that the owner doesn't have time for. This could include helping with marketing or social media presence or any other tasks which they don't have enough staff available for.

4. Support Local Businesses: Stay aware of issues in your community that might impact small businesses, and advocate for policies and regulations that promote their success.

5. Provide Resources and Guidance: If you possess expertise in certain fields (marketing, finance etc), consider offering your services to local businesses who could use assistance in these areas. You could also connect them to resources available in the community from other organizations.

Product manufacturers should assist each other, too

Though engaging in a price war may appear attractive to manufacturers in order to help local businesses compete with online giants, several key points must be kept in mind before engaging in one.

An engagement in a price war can be damaging for all parties involved. Lowering prices may reduce manufacturers' profit margins, impacting their ability to invest in research and development, marketing or other areas essential to business expansion. Meanwhile, local businesses may find it hard to compete against online retailers on price alone, threatening long-term survival.

Price wars should also be evaluated from a consumer's standpoint. While they may appear attractive initially, price wars often lead to an downward spiral where quality and customer service suffer as competition escalates - further diminishing consumer trust while diminishing local business reputations.

As opposed to engaging in price wars, manufacturers can focus their support of local businesses through other avenues. They could offer marketing support or assistance with supply chain logistics or training for digital marketing and e-commerce - partnering with local businesses will allow manufacturers to help them compete more effectively while maintaining their own profitability and reputation.

Digital technology is helping families remain close without being too close

While technology has undoubtedly altered how families interact and spend time together, it would be inaccurate to state that it is "killing" families. Tech can have both positive and negative ramifications on family life.

Technology can be an endless source of distraction and take away time spent communicating face-to-face. Smartphones and social media are prime examples, creating a sense of constant connectivity that makes it harder for families to unplug and spend quality time together. Furthermore, remote work arrangements and online schooling may mean family members spend more time engaging on screens rather than face-to-face interactions with one another.

Technology has also offered families new avenues of connection and communication. Video chat platforms, for instance, can enable long-distance relationships to remain strong - something which may be particularly important if relatives live across different parts of the globe. Social media provides another channel through which families can share updates and stay in contact even when they can't see each other directly.

At its core, the impact of technology on families ultimately depends on its use. Families that prioritize face-to-face interactions and set clear boundaries around its use can still maintain strong relationships; starting early by spending quality time together and creating memories even in this digital era.

By: Rick Hamadeh Chairman of Blogger's Chamber of Commerce.



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