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Bloggers Chamber of Commerce is the

sole sponsor of Miss Meta Universe 2024.

As a member of the Bloggers Chamber of Commerce your business or brand will have exceptional exposure and advertising opportunities, particularly with the female influencers participating in the beauty pageant.


By leveraging this sponsorship, businesses can benefit in the following ways:

1. Brand Exposure: As a sponsor, businesses can gain significant exposure through various promotional channels associated with the Miss Meta Universe pageant, including social media, live events, press coverage, and more. This heightened visibility can help increase brand recognition and reach a wider audience, including the engaged followers of the participating female influencers.


2. Influencer Collaborations: The sponsorship provides a unique opportunity for businesses to collaborate directly with the female influencers participating in the pageant. This can include sponsored content, product placements, endorsements, and other promotional activities that leverage the influencers' reach and engagement to effectively promote the business's products or services.


3. Access to Exclusive Events: Being a sponsor of Miss Meta Universe 2024 through the Bloggers Chamber of Commerce may grant businesses access to exclusive events, meet-and-greets, and networking opportunities with the influencers and participants. This direct engagement can lead to meaningful connections and partnerships with influential individuals in the beauty and lifestyle space.


4. Social Media Amplification: The sponsorship can facilitate organic and amplified social media exposure through the influencers' own channels. Businesses can benefit from increased visibility as the influencers share their experiences and interactions with the sponsor across their social media platforms, reaching their dedicated followers and potentially generating significant buzz around the brand.


5. Content Creation Opportunities: Sponsoring the beauty pageant can provide businesses with opportunities to co-create high-quality, engaging content with the participating influencers. This can include behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, branded photo shoots, and more, which can be leveraged across digital and traditional marketing channels to build brand awareness and credibility.


6. Association with Prestige: Aligning with a prestigious event like Miss Meta Universe 2024 through the Chamber's sponsorship can enhance a business's reputation and prestige. This association can positively impact brand perception and help elevate the business's positioning within the influencer and beauty community.

In summary, sponsoring Miss Meta Universe 2024 through the Bloggers Chamber of Commerce as a member offers businesses a unique opportunity to gain exposure, collaborate with female influencer contestants, and elevate their brand's presence within the beauty and lifestyle space. Leveraging this sponsorship can yield significant benefits in terms of brand visibility, influencer partnerships, and audience engagement.

Best Value

Miss Meta Universe Sponsorship



Sponsoring one of the most prestigious national influencer contestants! 

Valid for one year

Branding influencer will represent your brand at event

Social media feed brand logo placement

Special invites to Miss Meta annual event

Network with fellow members & engage in industry discussions

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